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Products / Metalworking

Are you looking for metal products and want to outsource your production of these goods in an economical and professional manner? MEGAMETAL has over 15 years of experience with numerous metalworkings in steel and aluminum. Due to our reliable network we are able to offer quality products at affordable prices. Outsourcing for orders with smaller numbers is also within our options, due to our combined shipping method.

We are permanently based in the Netherlands (Roosendaal) and China (Qingdao and Ningbo)

Specialists in metalworking

MEGAMETAL is specialized in metal products for:

MEGAMETAL is specialized in the following products:


Customized and standard metal and aluminium products

MEGAMETAL can provide customized metal products based on your design, drawing, sketch or sometimes even picture in addition to our standard assortiment. We are pleased to offer you the following service options: