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Procedure at MEGAMETAL

At MEGAMETAL open and transparent communication are of key importance to us. We try to be as clear and fast in our communication as possible by keeping lines short. You may place a request for a steel- or aluminum product through our request quotation button. We will handle your request and answer within 7 days with our offer. After the eventual assignment we will draw up the production plans and we will produce a sample for you to approve. After you have apporved the sample, we will start mass production for your order. If neccesary we can send you test reports of material, strengths and tolerances on request before your order is shipped. The entire shipment must be of the same quality level as the sample apporved by you.

1) Request for quotation

2) Offer within 7 days

3) Sample for approval, usually 4-6 weeks after the assignment**

4) Delivery of the order, usually 10-12 weeks after the sample was approved**

**On average. For standard items the delivery time for samples and mass production is lower. Size and weight can affect the decision to send your sample by air freight or sea container


MEGAMETAL follows the Metaalunie conditions. We can send you a copy of these conditions on request.